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renovating real estate

There's an old saying that goes something like...

Do what you love to do, do it well, and the rest will take care of itself. 

Since 1980, right here in Cobb County, GA, I've been doing just that. I learned at a young age to surround myself with good people, motivate them to do it the way I would want it done, and great things will happen.  I have managed to merge my 30 years in the building business with my 17+ years in real estate into a rather successful business helping people realize there dreams and improving their living conditions.

In 1992, post Desert Storm, I was building a subdivision in West Cobb.  All of a sudden real estate sales just stopped and I still had standing inventory to sell.  In order to "stay alive" I got my real estate license and was able to sell that inventory and the rest is history.  It is my belief that buying, selling, renovating and investing in real estate all go hand in hand.  So I have taken what I love to do - "houses" - and by surrounding myself with great people, I have grown to do what I love to do, do it pretty well, and the rest is taking care of itself.

I remember watching and helping my dad build the house that I grew up in.  I was 5 so there was more watching than helping.  Every now and then though, my 2 older brothers and I were called into action - carrying bricks, toting lumber and that stuff.  We were dad's indentured servants.

The main thing I remember was this split rail fence we built around the yard - very cool.  We went from a stack of "sticks" to this beautiful fence in 2 days!  Once you get saw dust in your blood it won't go away.  I think I always knew I would be building "something" throughout my life.

In 1980, I moved from that Indiana cornfield and landed here in Cobb County, GA.  Haven't left since nor have I wanted to.  Since then I, with lots of help, have built everything from backyard storage sheds to full subdivisions and it seems like everything else in between.  Since '92 though, I have found my "niche" in renovations.

Let's face it, every house eventually needs/gets a face lift.  We specialize in bigger projects - basements, additions, kitchens, screen porches, etc.  But we also are properly staffed to take on the smaller projects like rotten wood replacement, interior - exterior painting, and much more.  I like to think that with the great crews we have we can handle all your home improvement needs.

Also in '92, I began my real estate career. From 1992-2007, I was with Re/Max. In 1994, I got my brokers license and in 2005, I received the Phoenix Award for 10 years consecutive of one million in sales.  In 2008 I started my own brokerage, The Beacon Group.  Through the "economic" storm of '08 I realized that established structure is good, so I have since rejoined the Re/Max family.

Over those 17+ years I have helped hundreds of clients buy and sell in all price points from 50K to 1 million!

Again, I could not of have done this without surrounding myself with great people to make it happen.

So I guess that old saying is true...
Do what you love, do it well, and the rest will take care of itself... 

While you're here, please check out the rest of my site.  Click the Re/Max logo for all of your real estate needs or on the Beacon Builders logo for all of your renovations needs. Our Services page includes completed projects like new kitchens, bathrooms, screen porches and so much more.  When you're ready for an estimate, just give me a call at (770) 757-4673.